Have you flown with a group before? It's not as difficult as you might think.

January 2023

As February approaches we prepare for a group flight in Hawaii, and for a huge new tour around European cities.
And you thought we had forgotten all about the newsletter :)
January 2023 takes us to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile as we explore the northern reaches of the Andes mountains.

December 2022

As the new year dawns, a look back at the year that has passed.
How to use VirtualFlight.Online to find friends to fly with.
Three new regional tours open their doors in the Virtual Airline - all designed with short legs for smaller GA aircraft.
A tour of wonderful Christmas destinations around the world
The story behind an interesting home cockpit build.
You can now log flights in ACARS without dispatching them.
This Sunday we visit Australia's Gold Coast
If you use Transmitter and LittleNavMap, you need to read this.