Over the coming days and weeks VirtualFlight.Online will begin staffing the tower for some taster ATC sessions. Have you got your microphone ready?
A few reminders to help everybody plan, and take part in group flights.
In response to increased support requests from new members in recent weeks, we have resurrrected the “Codex” - the online reference guide for all things…
Several people have asked recently if I might record a quick video to show the booking, flying, and recording of a flight with ACARS within the virtual…
World Update 12 has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator - covering New Zealand! To install it, check the “World” section within the Marketplace…
Lots of pilots have yet to record their first flight with the virtual airline - lets give them a helping hand!
Have you flown with a group before? It's not as difficult as you might think.
As February approaches we prepare for a group flight in Hawaii, and for a huge new tour around European cities.
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